Phase 1:  ONLINE COURSE:  Where Do I Go Next? (~2 hours)

Let’s face it, you are on this website because you don’t know what to do next with the family farm and your future.  We provide a FREE online course which can help you determine what to do next.  This is not a sales pitch, but a genuine program meant to impact your life.  Our online course will take you less than two hours and will help you shape your thoughts on what you want to do next.  We provide you several short videos on revolutionary ideas related to farm management/succession followed by thought-provoking questions.  This program helps you determine for yourself what your thoughts are on farm succession and what you want to do next. (Click HERE for course.)  After you’ve gone through the courses, you can schedule a free one-on-one, 30 to 60-min call with Andy Junkin who is your coach to help you determine what to do next.  After his own farm experience, Andy is generous in helping any farmer with free advice, but is selective as to who he takes on as clients.  If Andy can’t help you, he’ll help you find the right expert who can.

Phase 2:  THE SEMINAR:  Where Do WE Go Next? (~3 hours)

On a family farm for one person to come up with a plan is useless unless everyone buys into a strategy.  Everyone has to exchange ideas and have input in order for a strategy to become real.  This seminar is the time and place for your family to discuss ideas and formulate a “go forward” strategy together.

We will schedule a 3 to 5-hour strategic seminar where the entire family discusses the farm’s future.  Prior to this seminar we provide your family a customized online course (similar to Phase 1) for each individual to complete.

In the course, your family will be asked these three fundamental questions:

  1. What is the farm going to look like in ten years?

  2. What made the farm good and what is required to make it great?

  3. How can the next generation evolve from good to great to become the best successors possible?

After completion of the customized online course, Andy will have a personal phone consultation with each key family member.  The seminar will be hosted by Andy and can be delivered over SKYPE ($300), in your home ($3,000 + travel), or in Iowa City ($900).

This seminar isn’t about who gets what.  It’s about starting to figure out as a family (not individuals) how you are going to set things up so the farm is successful in 10 years, everyone is happy, and to finally get the ball rolling for your farm’s succession.

Phase 3:  GOOD TO GREAT:  Let’s See If There Actually is a Successor (~2 Years)

After the seminar, if we take your family on as clients, we will work with your family over two years to:

  1. Evolve how your family makes decisions together and how your family functions as a team.

  2. Turn your successors’ weaknesses into strengths and groom them to become eligible successors.

  3. Drive your farm’s cost of production down so the farm can survive anything.

We firmly believe that before considering asset transfer, that you must have a quality successor, a viable business, and a family that can work together.  This is a “walk through fire” process which takes each individual and the farm from GOOD to GREAT, setting up the farm for long-term strategic success.

Phase 4:  PAPERING A DEAL:  Succession Strategy (~1 Month)

Once the fundamentals of a good succession environment are in place, we’ll quarterback the best succession experts in your state to put together a succession strategy that is right for your unique family.  During Phase 3 we collect background info which reduces the professional’s cost and improves the plan’s quality.  We work with your existing professionals (ex. farm accountant) and top their knowledge with our niche experts.

We help each family create a unique strategy that works for everyone.  While some assets are gifted as part of the estate, we focus on how the successor can EARN (NOT BE GIVEN) assets over time.  For families where the successor has already been working on the farm, we also help the successor earn equity for past efforts once they have been successful in turning weaknesses into strengths.  Successors know clearly what they should do to earn their piece of the farm which eliminate fights at the funeral.

Phase 5:  IMPLEMENTATION:  Putting Strategy into Reality (~10 Years)

Once a succession strategy has been developed, we facilitate family meetings as needed and do what we can to help your farm/family succeed.  Over a decade we’ll quarterback the implementation of the farm’s succession strategy.